Ideas for YOUR 104

The 104 Project Ideas

Ideas for doing your own 104 Project, leave comments below with your own ideas!

  • Doing 104 different activities in your area
  • Walking/Running/Biking 104 different races
  • Volunteering for 104 hours
  • Seeing 104 different parks
  • Taking 1 photo a day that means something to you for 104 days straight
  • Organizing 104 fundraisers for groups/charities you believe in
  • Spreading the joy of The 104 Project by organizing 104 group activities for friends/family
  • Scuba diving in 104 different places
  • Foster 104 animals from a local shelter (not at once please!)
  • Make 104 different new recipes
  • Try 104 new classes such a beginner sewing, cake decorating, cooking, changing the oil in your car, painting, pottery wheel, photography, horse back riding, fencing, kickboxing, karate, ballet, ballroom dancing, soap making, archery, etc.
  • Go birding to see 104 different birds in the shortest time possible
  • Catch 104 waves surfing in different locales
  • Try making 104 different types of tacos or pizza
  • Research 104 different ways you can save money, share with friends and family!
  • Start a meetup and try to get 104 members (the more the merrier!)
  • Try 104 different board/video games
  • What else would you like to do for YOUR 104 Project?